Tiger Class

Learn all about this amazing Shaolin Animal at this special class hosted by Sensei Joanne and Sensei Kaley!

Date:  Sat Oct 2

The Tiger is known for power, tenacity, and tearing its opponent to shreds. Learn to embody this Shaolin cat and show no fear in the face of danger.

Sensei Joanne and Sensei Kaley are excited to present this special class dedicated to improving your Tiger skills!

  • Learn exclusive Tiger techniques and drills
  • Train powerful strikes and combos like never before
  • Develop the mindset of the Tiger and learn to persevere
  • BONUS: Be the first to learn one of our upcoming Knife Defense Techniques
  • Get a chance to pass the Tiger Test and earn your all-new Tiger Patch!

Kids (ages 5-12): 2:00-3:00pm. Entry: $49

Teens & Adults (13 and up): 3:00-5:00pm. Entry: $75

Watch the Tiger in action in this video, and sign up for the Tiger Class today!