Do you want to learn Martial Arts Secrets that will skyrocket your skills and knowledge?

Join us on Saturday, October 14th, 2017 for a special Seminar event with the one and only…

Grandmaster Jim Brassard!

In 2016, Grandmaster Brassard was recognized with an exclusive award from the President of the United States for his accomplishments and contributions to the Martial Arts.

With credentials too long to list here, Grandmaster Brassard truly loves traveling to Colorado to bring us the latest in Shaolin American Kempo knowledge.

GM Brassard packs his Seminars with rich content, and he keeps it fresh and exciting every time. Develop your internal and external strength. Increase your striking and movement speed. Discover effective Martial Arts drills and techniques that will enlighten you and open your mind to incredible possibilities.

“A single conversation with a wise man is better than ten years of study.” ~Chinese Proverb

What will Grandmaster Brassard teach us this time? Come and find out!

Along with the Seminar, Grandmaster Brassard also offers a Rank Test for those ready for Brown or Black Belt levels. Also offered is a special Re-Certification opportunity for those who are not ready for their next level of Black Belt yet, but still want to sharpen their skills and take advantage of this intimate learning experience.

Assisted by Master Brad Randolph, the Test procedure is a display of skill, but also a lesson. Grandmaster Brassard will give you feedback to help guide you to becoming better individually.

If you aren’t a student of Boulder Karate and you think you may be eligible to test for your Brown or Black Belt, please contact Master Randolph at and he will take it from there.

Rank Test

Saturday, October 14



The Seminar

Saturday, October 14


Ages 11 and up

All Ranks Invited!

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  • Price: $125.00


  • Price: $299.00

    All levels of Brown Belt.

  • Price: $399.00

    All levels of Black Belt.

  • Price: $100.00

    All levels of Black Belt.
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