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image of Nikole RandolphNiki Randolph, MS, CISSN is a proud Colorado native, living just outside of Boulder with her husband, 2 boys, and 3 dogs. After graduating from the University of Colorado with a BA in Biology and a minor in Biochemistry she embarked on a 15-year career in the biotech industry. During this time, she developed a fervor for research, specifically in the area of drug metabolism and pharmacokinetics.

Niki received her Master’s degree in Nutrition and Human Performance from Logan University. As part of her integrative training she completed an internship with Kore+ Nutrition. It was during this time she was able to truly hone her skill as a nutrition educator in a practical and meaningful way.

A competitive and recreational athlete for most of her life, Niki is an avid tennis player and has a deep love of the martial arts, a love she feels fortunate to share with her family. She began practicing Shito-ryu Karate in 1998 and received her 1st degree black belt in 2002. She was an intense competitor and participated in numerous tournaments across the state of California and Nevada. In 2003 she transitioned to the art of Shaolin Kempo and was a dedicated practitioner until the birth of her first son. She achieved her brown belt under Master Brad Randolph and hopes to return to her training and achieve certification as a black belt in the near future.

As a certified Sports Nutritionist through the International Society of Sports Nutrition, she combines her love of sport with her passion for nutrition science.

At her core Niki is a scientist, driven by evidence-based research which she attributes to her 15 years working in industry. However, she believes in more than an intellectual path to good nutrition. She partners with her clients using an integrative and personalized approach to diet and lifestyle with special interests in mindful eating, gastrointestinal health, hormonal dysfunction, and behavioral and mood disorders.

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Niki shares her journey
“My struggle with body image, gastrointestinal and hormonal issues began at a young age. I went on my first “diet” in 6th grade and so began my rocky relationship with food, a life of disordered eating, and “food rules.’ Restrictive eating and binging became my norm.

Around that same time my hormone dysregulation began, leading to a whole slew of issues that were only partially resolved by medication and hormone therapy. I was 29 when doctors discovered I had severe endometriosis, typical symptoms and severity were masked by the hormones I was taking. The endometriosis had migrated, resulting in a large mass that could only be removed by a colon resection and extensive cauterization.

My gastrointestinal health vastly improved after surgery, though my restrictive and disordered eating was much the same and once again I was prescribed hormone therapy. Unfortunately, my improvements were short lived and I began to experience more GI symptoms and other complications. Falsely, I believed I was meant to endure these things if I was unwilling to surgically put an end to my diagnosis.

I began to explore how nutrition and lifestyle choices could restore balance to my health. The changes were astonishing which fueled my desire to understand the nitty gritty details of how nutrients have the ability to alter our physiology. In my pursuit for a greater understanding, I completed a Master’s degree in Nutrition and Human Performance with the intent to help others discover how to harness the power of food.”

Niki will approach your health from a fresh and collective perspective, working with a team of health-care practitioners to achieve the best care possible. She strives for a low-stress, therapeutic partnership with her clients using a food first approach to renewed vitality.

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