Alpine Martial Arts is a family so much bigger than just Boulder Karate!

Check out our community of Dojos spreading from the West Coast to the East Coast:

Grandmaster Jim Brassard’s Self Defense Center

With over 40 years in the Martial Arts as a full-time profession, Grandmaster Brassard offers classes to those fortunate enough to live in the Hyannis, MA region. His contributions to the martial arts have earned him countless awards, including the Presidential Martial Arts Award and multiple Martial Arts Hall of Fame awards. Boulder Karate’s chief instructor, Master Brad Randolph, is proud to be one of Grandmaster Brassard’s top students.

Alpine Martial Arts – Pacific Coast Martial Arts

Sensei Joanne Vatore has been studying Kempo Karate for over 16 years and absolutely loves sharing her knowledge with students in the Lincoln City, OR area. Through your training at Pacific Coast Martial Arts you will not only develop solid self defense skills, but also learn the reasons why it works, thanks to Sensei Joanne’s deep knowledge of the martial arts. Sensei Joanne continues her training under Master Brad Randolph and Grandmaster Jim Brassard.

Dojo Source

At Dojo Source, you and your family are going to develop a perfect balance of fitness and martial arts training. The instructors, Sensei Walker and Sensei Jeff, have been studying the martial arts for the majority of their lives, and they make a fantastic team. Having been Senior Instructors at Boulder Karate for many years, they have recently opened Dojo Source to provide top-notch training for students of all ages in the Arvada, CO area. Sensei Walker and Sensei Jeff continue their training under Master Brad Randolph and Grandmaster Jim Brassard.