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Boulder Karate offers the most professional martial arts lessons for Children & Adults in the Boulder area. Why? Because we believe in quality training in a fun, positive environment. You’re going to love it.

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2016 “Best Martial Arts” Winner (Yellowscene) and

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What can I expect from Boulder Karate?

When you first come into our studio, you will immediately recognize the level of professional teaching. All of our instructors have graduated with honors from the Alpine Martial Arts Instructors Academy, so that we may share the magic of the martial arts with you and your family in the most fun & effective ways! We love teaching kids, and we have a blast working with adults.

Our classes are the perfect balance of disciplined martial arts training and fun.

Teens & Adults

Adults & Teens

Self Defense: You will learn today’s most effective self defense system: Kempo. It has been proven time & again that Kempo works on the street for women & men of any size. And even better, no one will want to mess with you in the first place, because you’ll develop the confidence of a lean mean fightin’ machine, and attackers can sense that!

Fitness: Let’s be honest, the gym gets boring. Boulder Karate is fun! Not only that, but with your martial arts training you will develop stronger muscles, tendons, and joints, making your body more fit for all athletic activities while significantly lowering your risk of injury.

Stress Relief: Life is tough, but now it’s time to break free! Practicing your strikes & kicks on pads definitely does the job for relieving stress. After every class at Boulder Karate, you will feel refreshed, invigorated and ready to take on anything life throws at you!



Confidence: Many kids struggle with confidence as they grow up, and we’re here to help! Our instructor team is positive and encouraging, and ready to teach your child how to handle situations and people with confidence. We love watching kids go from being super timid to leading the karate class!

Discipline: Whether your child has serious respect issues or a habit of not finishing their homework, our program teaches them discipline. And the best part is: they enjoy it! We’ve honed our team to instill discipline in a positive reinforcement environment. It’s win-win!

Social Development: Our goal is to keep kids out of trouble, and on the right path. We work extra hard to ensure your child is around positive influences, including the instructors and the other kids. Also, they will learn to interact with each other using our 5 Values: Attitude, Integrity, Respect, Self Control, and Heart!

Earning Higher Belts: Students at Boulder Karate actually earn their next belt, unlike other studios around town that simply give them away. For children, earning their ranks teaches them that when they put in the work, they get the reward… an important principle that will help them to be successful in life!

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We’d love for you to check us out, so we can introduce ourselves, show you around the dojo, and answer any questions you may have. Our friendly and experienced instructors are flexible, easy to work with, and ready to help you take the first steps to achieving your goals!

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Master Brad Randolph

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“True Martial Artists do not think of only using their skills in physical confrontations.  They use their training and art to overcome obstacles and become better people.”