The Junior Ninjas age group is full of life and character. This is where we start really digging in to the depth of Martial Arts!

Recommended for ages 9-12, this age group works best in focused 60-minute increments. We give them plenty of exercise and movement so they can let out that energy in a positive way. They will also learn their awesome moves to advance to the next rank in a safe, encouraging environment.

This is a fantastic time in a child’s life to have the Martial Arts to lean on as they start to mature and change. Before they become Teens, we want to instill an unshakable confidence that they can handle anything life throws at them.

Students may attend as many classes as they’d like throughout the week. On average, most Junior Ninjas come once or twice a week.


This is a big one, and we’re here to help! Our instructor team is positive and encouraging, and ready to teach your child how to handle situations and people with confidence. We love watching kids go from being timid to leading the class.


Whether your child has respect issues or a habit of not finishing their homework, our program teaches them discipline. And the best part is: they enjoy it! We’ve honed our team to instill discipline in a positive reinforcement environment. It’s win-win.

Social Development

Our goal is to keep kids out of trouble, and on the right path. We work extra hard to ensure your child is around positive influences, including the instructors and the other kids. Also, they will learn to interact with each other using our 5 Values: Attitude, Integrity, Respect, Self Control, and Heart.

Earning Belts

Students at Boulder Karate actually earn their next belt, unlike other dojos around town that simply give them away. For children, earning their ranks teaches them that when they put in the work, they get the reward… an important principle that will help them to be successful in life!

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