Adults (Age 17+)


The Adults group is a perfect balance of training, fitness, and fun!

We have plenty of college-aged students all the way through a few in their 60’s. If you think you’re too old to start the Martial Arts, good news… it’s never too late to start reaping the benefits of the Martial Arts.

We start Adults at all different fitness levels too, so whether you’re a sporty Boulderite, or looking to trim down the waistline a few sizes, our classes are welcoming to all. Classes move at a pace that everyone can follow comfortably, and our instructors are excellent at keeping it fresh. You will feel invigorated after every class.

As an Adult, you get to dive right in to the depth of the Martial Arts. It’s so exciting! You’ll start with basic kicks and punches, but as you progress, you will learn to effectively handle yourself at a distance or in close. You have access to the best Kempo Martial Artists in Boulder. They love what they do, and can’t wait to share what they know with you and your family.


You will learn today’s most effective self defense system: Kempo. It has been proven time & again that Kempo works on the street for women & men of any size. And even better, no one will want to mess with you in the first place, because you’ll develop the confidence of a lean mean fightin’ machine, and attackers can sense that.


Let’s be honest, the gym gets boring. Boulder Karate is fun! Not only that, but with your Martial Arts training you will develop stronger muscles, tendons, and joints, making your body more fit for all athletic activities while significantly lowering your risk of injury. It’s so much fun, you won’t even notice that you’re exercising!


Life is tough, but now it’s time to break free. Practicing your strikes & kicks on pads definitely does the job for relieving stress. After every class at Boulder Karate, you will feel refreshed, invigorated and ready to take on anything life throws at you!

On average, most Adults attend once or twice a week.

The Standard Program for Adults includes one weekly semi-private lesson (30 min) and access to the Adults Group Classes. Semi-private lessons are our specialty at Boulder Karate, and we’ve found that students learn best with weekly personal attention. When you sign up, our instructors will reach out to you to schedule your weekly Semi-Private lesson time.

New Student Special! Try us for just $468 which includes:

1 Month of Unlimited Group Classes + weekly Semi-Private Lesson ($269 standard monthly rate)

Kick Start Enrollment Package ($199), which includes:

  • Custom Boulder Karate printed uniform
  • White belt
  • White Boulder Karate t-shirt
  • Logo patch
  • Black belt student manual
  • Exclusive online rank videos library
  • Online written home practice routines

Your uniform and other supplies will be waiting for you at the Dojo (studio). If we find that you are a good fit, you may continue for just $269/month. And, we don't require contracts. Let's do it!