Self Defense

Now you can choose to train in the Dojo or on Zoom!

Every week, you will receive a 30-minute semi-private lesson and access to our Group Classes.

Whether on Zoom or in the Dojo, you will increase your skills in the Martial Arts and get fit like never before.

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Call head instructor Brad Randolph today for your FREE WEEK of classes and let’s start your martial arts journey.


“There is strong emphasis on fitness (a year ago I couldn’t have imagined being this fit); the instruction is top-notch bringing to students decades of experience, consistently positive instructor attitude, and a practical and structured (yet flexible and inquisitive) approach to self-defense, and tailored instruction and sparring appropriate to each individual’s ability and willingness to go hard / be pushed hard.” -Simon S., August 2, 2020

Simon working his 2-finger “Bruce Lee” pushups. 6+ months of training for this.

Safe environment? We’ve got you covered.

-Mats cleaned thoroughly daily

-Pads and equipment wiped down after each use

-Social distancing – no direct contact

-Everyone wears a mask and washes hands upon arrival

-30 minutes of time between each in-person lesson allotted to clear the air

Is this really a good time to do Karate?

Here’s an email we received recently:

“Hey everyone at Boulder Karate, we just wanted to send a quick but heartfelt thank-you for being such a steadfast anchor for our kids throughout this pandemic. They’ve continued to be connected to their senseis (teachers) and to get regular, reliable activity in an otherwise disjointed and chaotic time.”

-Parents of two Boulder Karate kids

Call head instructor Brad Randolph today for your FREE WEEK of classes and let’s start your martial arts journey.



7-time acclaimed Boulder’s Best Martial Arts dojo – classes for Kids, Teens, and Adults

Who We Are

We believe in quality martial arts training in a disciplined, positive family-friendly environment.

Our Instructors

Our instructors have a true passion for what they do. It’s no wonder Boulder Karate is 6-time Best Martial Arts in Boulder winner.

Give It a Shot

Try a class totally free, and see for yourself what we’re about. You and your family are going to love it!

We study Shaolin Kempo Karate, which combines the circular, fluid motion of Chinese Kung Fu and linear, powerful movements of Japanese Karate. It is a highly effective Martial Art for street self defense. You will love it.




Martial Arts is fun and valuable for kids. We give them plenty of exercise and movement so they can let out that youthful energy in a positive way. They will also learn their self defense moves to advance to the next rank in a safe, encouraging environment.


Being a Teen is hard. So we love giving these young men and ladies plenty to take their mind off the stress of school and channel that into hitting the pads and training. The Teens class is welcoming and such a blast!


Our Adults program will get you in the best shape of your life, while giving you skills that could come in handy if you ever needed to protect yourself or a loved one. You’re gonna love it!