Fitness Classes

*Until our facility is able to re-open for business as usual, we are hosting weekly Fitness classes with Master Randolph! It’s a fun way to stay fit and engaged at home.

Click HERE for our printable Zoom schedule.

(Current paying students only. Use the Contact Us button at the top to inquire about joining – it’s only $39 / month!)


Get fit like Bruce Lee with our Martial Arts Fit classes!

Each Martial Arts Fit class offers a brand new workout to keep it fresh. Workouts are a unique blend of cardio, bodyweight strength training, with basic martial arts moves mixed in. Brand newbies welcome – you don’t need to know any martial arts moves to join in!

The energy of our small group is light-hearted enough to keep it enjoyable while we sweat and push ourselves. Blast your cardio and develop stronger muscles, tendons, and joints, making your body more fit for all life’s activities.

  • No martial arts experience required
  • After your first free class, show your team spirit by wearing a Boulder Karate t-shirt (with your choice of shorts/pants)
  • Beginner & Advanced options always available to keep everyone training at their level
  • Cost: $39/month
  • Ages 15 and up



Online Workout Videos

created by US!

We love martial arts and fitness so much, we filmed 9 professional workouts that are each only 27 minutes or less.

Each workout is designed to build your self defense skills, strength, agility, stamina, and flexibility. You’re going to have a blast!

Looking for a basic kick-start to Martial Arts while getting a workout? Try Cardiac Attack.

Want to improve your kicks and flexibility? Try the Crane workout.

Looking to improve agility? Try the Monkey and Leopard.

And there’s more!

Head over to www.MartialArts.Fit and try the free workout called Cardiac Attack. Then sign up for just $7 a month, do the workouts, and start seeing results fast!

Jeannine K. says:

“Love these videos! In a relatively short timeframe I feel that I get an excellent workout, using many muscles that aren’t typically engaged. Brad does a great job of instructing to ensure moves are done properly to avoid injury and I like the explanations of how the different exercises would be used in self defense. Core workout is KILLER!!”

Keith J. says:

Martial Arts Fit is great for me because I can do a 30 min workout at any time whether its 6:30am in the morning or 9pm at night.  This is so awesome for someone with a very busy life and work schedule.  I also love the fact that you can do two (or three) workouts in a row if you have the time and want to go into total beast mode! :) I lost seven pounds in about 5 weeks and find myself actually craving the workouts, not dreading them at all or trying to put them off.  The best part is that I am doing actual karate strikes and kicks so I am getting better at highly specialized skills while also getting an intense aerobic workout done.  I really feel like I am kicking and punching an actual opponent instead of just doing the motion to the air which makes my strikes stronger and more accurate.  This truly makes Martial Arts Fit a great addition to my normal training and group karate class.

Try a free workout video at