*Until our facility is able to re-open for business as usual, we are hosting 4 weekly Zoom classes for all Teens! It’s a fun way to stay engaged at home.

Click HERE for our printable Zoom karate class schedule.

(Current paying students only. New students welcome!)


The Teens group is a blast! Recommended for ages 13-17, we spend a solid 60 minutes each class developing Teens from the inside out. Being a Teen is hard, so we love giving these young men and ladies plenty to take their mind off the stress from school and channel that into hitting the pads and training.

For our Teens, we build them up as we train them to defend themselves. They get to do all sorts of fun, practical drills to the air, against pads and heavy bags, and with partners. They really get into it!


You will learn today’s most effective self defense system: Kempo. It has been proven time & again that Kempo works on the street for women & men of any size. And even better, no one will want to mess with you in the first place, because you’ll develop the confidence of a lean mean fightin’ machine, and attackers can sense that.


Let’s be honest, the gym gets boring. Boulder Karate is fun! Not only that, but with your Martial Arts training you will develop stronger muscles, tendons, and joints, making your body more fit for all athletic activities while significantly lowering your risk of injury. It’s so much fun, you won’t even notice that you’re exercising!


Life is tough, but now it’s time to break free. Practicing your strikes & kicks on pads definitely does the job for relieving stress. After every class at Boulder Karate, you will feel refreshed, invigorated and ready to take on anything life throws at you!

New Student Special! Try us for just $418 which includes:

1 Month of Unlimited Group Classes + 4 Weekly Semi-Private Lessons ($219 standard monthly rate)

Kick Start Enrollment Package ($199), which includes:

  • Uniform, white belt, logo patch
  • Black belt student manual
  • Exclusive online rank videos library
  • Home practice routines

No further commitment required. Your child’s uniform and other supplies will be waiting for you at the Dojo (studio). If we find that your teen is a good fit for Boulder Karate, you may continue for just $219/month. And, we don’t do contracts. So start today!


Upcoming events

Board & Brick Breaking Class

Sat Aug 15
Let's smash that COVID tension! Learn the nuances on board breaking with Master Randolph.