Summer Camps

*2021 Update (no camps this year) – We want to provide the best Karate experience for the kids in our Summer Camps, and we don’t feel we can accomplish this with social distancing. Partner training is some of the core of what we do, and without that, it wouldn’t be the same. If all goes well, we will have our awesome Summer Camps back in action in 2022!

Boulder Karate Camps

Learn. Train. Have fun!

Our Karate Camps include plenty of Karate training, along with tons of fun activities and martial arts games. New weekly themes makes it easy for you to take advantage of our Multi Camp Discount and keep it fresh for the kids!

*UNCERTAIN for 2021.

We will be back and better than ever as soon as possible!


Ages 7-12. New campers welcome!
Your child is going to have a blast while learning important life lessons at our Karate Summer Camps.

And for a sprinkle of something new each week, we’ve got weekly themes!


  • Karate Training every day
  • Character Building & Life Skills
  • Study of the 5 Shaolin Animals: Tiger, Dragon, Leopard, Crane, Snake
  • Learning about our 5 Values: Attitude, Integrity, Respect, Self Control, Heart
  • Exciting, unique Karate Games like Nunchucks Baseball, Noodle Battles, Ninja Dodgeball, Sensei Says, Squirt Guns at the Park, Relay Races, and many more
  • Variety of Instructors throughout the summer
  • A sprinkle of our Weekly Theme each day
  • Pizza Party on Friday every week
  • Boulder Karate T-Shirt for each new Full Day camper
  • and more!

NEW 2020


keeping it fresh all summer long!

(First 5 weeks of Camps are cancelled due to COVID-19.)

(cancelled 2020) June 1-5: Avatar Fire Bending Week – Based on the hit TV show Avatar: The Last Airbender. Kids will learn powerful, acrobatic and energetic movements of Northern Shaolin Kung Fu that inspired the “Fire Bending Style!”

(cancelled 2020) June 8-12: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Week – This one doesn’t even need an introduction… the Ninja Turtles are a favorite! Learn martial arts lessons and life lessons taught by the turtles and Master Splinter himself. Turtle power!

(cancelled 2020) June 15-19: Obstacle Courses Week – Where creativity and agility come together! Will the kids build more challenging courses than the Senseis (teachers)? Come find out!

(cancelled 2020) June 22-26: Jedi Training Week – Learn the skills of the Jedi Masters… and possibly some Sith? The kids are in for a treat with all kinds of Jedi Training (skill building) games and activities. May the Force be with them…

(cancelled 2020) June 29 – July 3: Karate Combos Week – Roundhouse Kick, Backfist, Palm Strike! This Camp will build the kids’ dexterity, speed and power. The Senseis will teach several of their favorite combos, and the kids will get to make up their own and see them come to life!

(cancelled 2020) July 6-10: Bully Prevention Week – This camp has been a staple in our summer themes because it works and the kids love it. It’s a positive yet real way to look at bullying and how to avoid being a victim. Your child’s confidence will soar!

(cancelled 2020) July 13-17: Nunchucks & Bruce Lee Week – The kids will get to learn how to use padded (safe) nunchucks and study the greatest martial arts legend of all time… Bruce Lee! Campers will get to play all kinds of fun nunchucks games like Nunchucks Baseball, then bust open piñatas with their nunchucks skills on Friday.

(cancelled 2020) July 20-24: Super Heroes Week – Spider-Man, Black Widow, and even the Hulk know how to use martial arts to help them save the day. The kids will learn what it takes to train and become a real-life super hero!

(cancelled 2020) July 27-31: Martial Arts Movies Week – Ever see a martial arts movie and wonder how they do that? The kids will get the inside scoop! And who better to learn from than legends like Kung Fu Panda and Mulan! We have very special activities planned for this one…

(cancelled 2020) August 3-7: Sparring Week – Our mission for this camp is to build campers’ confidence and skills so they can develop their defense and offense in a safe and fun environment. They’ll learn to keep their guard up, footwork, and combos to make them shine. (No experience or gear required – we’ve got it covered!)

(cancelled 2020) August 10-14: Board Breaking & Empowerment Week – The summer finale!! Kids will get to break real wood boards and keep them as a memory of their power. They will also learn what it means to have faith in themselves. Here’s to that last hurrah before school starts!




Morning (8:30-12:30) or Afternoon (11:30-3:30)

INDIVIDUAL DAYS: $79 Full Day, $45 Half Day
Call to register for all Custom Requests: 303-442-4330
*Individual Days must be registered at least 48 hours in advance for proper planning.

FREE Karate Classes on your Camp weeks!


25% Off for 2nd Family Member
50% Off for 3rd & 4th Family Members


Additional 25% Discount for all Camps beyond the first, so sign up for a few. This discount stacks with the Family Discount too!


Change of plans? We’ve got you covered! Get a full refund if cancelled by email 15 days or more before the first day of Camp. Camps may also be rescheduled to another Camp during the same summer if scheduled at least 14 days before the first day of the new Camp.


We do Partial Weeks and Drop-Ins (with 48 hours notice). Call to register: 303-442.4330


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