Ages 5-12. New campers welcome!
Your child is going to have a blast while learning important life lessons at our Karate Summer Camps.
And for a sprinkle of something new each week, we’ve got weekly themes!


  • Uniform & Belt for New Participants
  • Karate Training every day
  • Character Building & Life Skills
  • Study of the 5 Shaolin Animals: Tiger, Dragon, Leopard, Crane, Snake
  • Learning about our 5 Values: Attitude, Integrity, Respect, Self Control, Heart
  • Exciting, unique Karate Games like Nunchucks Baseball, Noodle Battles, Ninja Dodgeball, Sensei Says, Squirt Guns at the Park, Relay Races, and many more
  • Variety of Instructors throughout the summer
  • A sprinkle of our Weekly Theme each day
  • Pizza Party on Friday every week
  • and more!

NEW 2018


  • June 4-8: Tiger Power Week – Develop your power like the Tiger! Children will learn to use their bodies to their full potential, and derive serious strength even from small bodies. Kids will hit pads of all sizes and get empowered!
  • June 11-15: Jedi Training Week – Kids will build a mind-body connection like never before with coordination games and exercises. They’ll learn to identify different muscles and bones and build their knowledge of their greatest weapon: themselves. They will become a Force to be reckoned with!
  • June 18-22: Obstacle Course Week – Create awesome obstacle courses using our massive assortment of pads, bags and equipment. Each obstacle can involve jumping, balancing, crawling, maneuvering, Karate combos… the sky’s the limit! Then the kids will put them to the test and try out their new creations.
  • June 15-29: Wooden Weapons Week – Children will have a blast learning to respect and wield two of the most practical martial arts weapons: the Bo Staff and Escrima Sticks! They’ll have tons of fun doing safe drills and exercises using their sticks (we’ve got plenty for kids to borrow). By the end of the week, they’ll be deadly with a broom stick!
  • July 2-6: Shaolin Monk Week – NO CAMP THIS WEEK.
  • July 9-13: Avatar the Last Airbender Week – Study the four Elemental Styles of Earth, Water, Fire, and Air! Watch cool scenes from the kids show, Avatar the Last Airbender, and learn moves from the show. So much fun!
  • July 16-20: Nunchucks Week – Practice cool tricks and combos with our padded nunchucks! We’ve got all kinds of games planned for Nunchucks Week, like busting open Pinatas (with nunchucks of course!), Nunchucks Baseball, and more!
  • July 23-27: Kung Fu Panda Week – Join us as we study the legendary Kung Fu master… Po the Panda! Children will get to watch parts of the three Kung Fu Panda movies and learn some of Po’s best moves. This was a huge hit last summer, and our Camp instructor is very excited for this one!
  • July 30-August 3: Bully Prevention Week – Kids will learn how to deal with bullies, from all points of view. We believe that physical force is a last resort, and that there is plenty that can diffuse bullying before violence. We will also prepare the children for true self defense scenarios and equip them with simple and effective self defense moves to empower them so they feel like they can handle anything life throws at them!
  • August 6-10: Monkey Week – Our first-ever full Summer Camp dedicated to studying the Monkey style of Martial Arts! Kids will jump, crawl, and go bananas for this Summer Camp. See what’s it’s like to Monkey around – children will develop their agility like never before!





Morning (8:00-12:00) or Afternoon (11:30-3:30)


25% Off for 2nd Family Member
50% Off for 3rd & 4th Family Members


Additional 25% Off for all Camps beyond the first, so sign up for a few!


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*NOTE: We plan to add more Summer Camp weeks soon, once we’ve confirmed staffing. Stay tuned!


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